Find out if your Representative voted to Defend Marriage

On Monday, January 27th by a vote of 52-43 the Indiana House of Representatives robbed you of your chance to vote on marriage on the November 2014 ballot. Instead of passing the Marriage Amendment through as originally introduced, 52 members voted to gut the Marriage Amendment by removing the 2nd sentence of this simple 2 sentence amendment. In so doing they started the constitutional amendment process all over, robbing you of your right to decide the future of marriage in Indiana at the ballot box on Election Day 2014 and giving the future of marriage over to same-sex “marriage” activists and the courts.

Many of these 52 had voted for the Marriage Amendment in 2011 and/or had taken a position in favor of the Marriage Amendment during their most recent campaign for office. However, upon learning that Leftwing groups from the coasts had raised millions to oppose the Marriage Amendment, these legislators turned their backs on their constituents and their campaign promises. Remember these names. Because of their votes it is much more likely that our marriage statute will be overturned, that same-sex “marriage” will be forced upon us by a court and that the religious liberties and free speech rights of businesses, churches, non-profits, adoption agencies, parents and many others will be trampled.

Also remember the names of those who stood strong for marriage. These brave 43 need our praise and support

Lloyd ArnoldRDistrict 74YesNoTweet This Vote
Terri AustinDDistrict 36YesNoTweet This Vote
Ron BaconRDistrict 75YesNoTweet This Vote
Jim BairdRDistrict 44YesNoTweet This Vote
John BartlettDDistrict 95YesNoTweet This Vote
Kreg BattlesDDistrict 45YesNoTweet This Vote
Pat BauerDDistrict 6YesNoTweet This Vote
Robert BehningRDistrict 91YesNoTweet This Vote
Greg BeumerRDistrict 33YesNoTweet This Vote
Brian BosmaRDistrict 88YesNoTweet This Vote
Steve BraunRDistrict 24YesNoTweet This Vote
Charlie BrownDDistrict 3YesNoTweet This Vote
Tim BrownRDistrict 41YesNoTweet This Vote
Woody BurtonRDistrict 58YesNoTweet This Vote
Martin CarbaughRDistrict 81YesNoTweet This Vote
Bob CherryRDistrict 53YesNoTweet This Vote
Ed ClereRDistrict 72YesNoTweet This Vote
Casey CoxRDistrict 85YesNoTweet This Vote
Wes CulverRDistrict 49YesNoTweet This Vote
Steve DavissonRDistrict 73YesNoTweet This Vote
Ed DeLaneyDDistrict 86YesNoTweet This Vote
Thomas DermodyRDistrict 20YesNoTweet This Vote
Dale DeVonRDistrict 5YesNoTweet This Vote
Ryan DvorakDDistrict 8YesNoTweet This Vote
Sean EberhartRDistrict 57YesNoTweet This Vote
Sue ErringtonDDistrict 34YesNoTweet This Vote
Dan ForestalDDistrict 100YesNoTweet This Vote
William FriendRDistrict 23YesNoTweet This Vote
David FrizzellRDistrict 93YesNoTweet This Vote
Randy FryeRDistrict 67YesNoTweet This Vote
Phil GiaQuintaDDistrict 80YesNoTweet This Vote
Terry GoodinDDistrict 66YesNoTweet This Vote
Doug GutweinRDistrict 16YesNoTweet This Vote
Christina HaleDDistrict 87YesNoTweet This Vote
Dick HammRDistrict 56YesNoTweet This Vote
Tim HarmanRDistrict 17YesNoTweet This Vote
Earl HarrisDDistrict 2YesNoTweet This Vote
Bob HeatonRDistrict 46YesNoTweet This Vote
Kathy HeuerRDistrict 83YesNoTweet This Vote
Todd HustonRDistrict 37YesNoTweet This Vote
Mike KarickhoffRDistrict 30YesNoTweet This Vote
Clyde KerseyDDistrict 43YesNoTweet This Vote
Cindy KirchhoferRDistrict 89YesNoTweet This Vote
Sheila KlinkerDDistrict 27YesNoTweet This Vote
Eric KochRDistrict 65YesNoTweet This Vote
Rebecca KubackiRDistrict 22YesNoTweet This Vote
Linda LawsonDDistrict 1YesNoTweet This Vote
Don LeheRDistrict 25YesNoTweet This Vote
Matt LehmanRDistrict 79YesNoTweet This Vote
Dan Leonard RDistrict 50YesNoTweet This Vote
Jim LucasRDistrict 69YesNoTweet This Vote
Jack LutzRDistrict 35YesNoTweet This Vote
Karlee MacerDDistrict 92YesNoTweet This Vote
Kevin MahanRDistrict 31YesNoTweet This Vote
Peggy MayfieldRDistrict 60YesNoTweet This Vote
Jud McMillinRDistrict 68YesNoTweet This Vote
Wendy McNamaraRDistrict 76YesNoTweet This Vote
Mark MessmerRDistrict 63YesNoTweet This Vote
Justin MoedDDistrict 97YesNoTweet This Vote
Robert MorrisRDistrict 84YesNoTweet This Vote
Alan MorrisonRDistrict 42YesNoTweet This Vote
Chuck MoseleyDDistrict 10YesNoTweet This Vote
Tim NeeseRDistrict 48YesNoTweet This Vote
Sharon NegeleRDistrict 13YesNoTweet This Vote
Rick NiemeyerRDistrict 11YesNoTweet This Vote
David NiezgodskiDDistrict 7YesNoTweet This Vote
David OberRDistrict 82YesNoTweet This Vote
Scott PelathDDistrict 9YesNoTweet This Vote
Matt PierceDDistrict 61YesNoTweet This Vote
Greg PorterDDistrict 96YesNoTweet This Vote
John PriceRDistrict 47YesNoTweet This Vote
Cherrish PryorDDistrict 94YesNoTweet This Vote
Mara ReardonDDistrict 12YesNoTweet This Vote
Rhonda RhoadsRDistrict 70YesNoTweet This Vote
Kathy RichardsonRDistrict 29YesNoTweet This Vote
Gail RieckenDDistrict 77YesNoTweet This Vote
Tom SaundersRDistrict 54YesNoTweet This Vote
Robin ShacklefordDDistrict 98YesNoTweet This Vote
Hal SlagerRDistrict 15YesNoTweet This Vote
Ben SmaltzRDistrict 52YesNoTweet This Vote
Vernon SmithDDistrict 14YesNoTweet This Vote
Milo SmithRDistrict 59YesNoTweet This Vote
Ed SolidayRDistrict 4YesNoTweet This Vote
Mike SpeedyRDistrict 90YesNoTweet This Vote
Steven StemlerDDistrict 71YesNoTweet This Vote
Greg SteuerwaldRDistrict 40YesNoTweet This Vote
Holli SullivanRDistrict 78YesNoTweet This Vote
Vanessa SummersDDistrict 99YesNoTweet This Vote
Jeff ThompsonRDistrict 28YesNoTweet This Vote
Jerry TorrRDistrict 39YesNoTweet This Vote
Randy TruittRDistrict 26YesNoTweet This Vote
Eric TurnerRDistrict 32YesNoTweet This Vote
Matt UbelhorRDistrict 62YesNoTweet This Vote
Shelli VanDenburghDDistrict 19YesNoTweet This Vote
Heath VanNatterRDistrict 38YesNoTweet This Vote
Tom WashburneRDistrict 64YesNoTweet This Vote
Tim WescoRDistrict 21YesNoTweet This Vote
David WolkinsRDistrict 18YesNoTweet This Vote
Denny ZentRDistrict 51YesNoTweet This Vote
Cindy ZiemkeRDistrict 55YesNoTweet This Vote
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